What is The Massachusetts Most Endangered Historic Resources Program and What is its Purpose?

The Most Endangered Historic Resources Program at its core is an advocacy and education "PR" program. Preservation Massachusetts utilizes our statewide visibility, resources and networks to promote the importance of these resources and work with the nominators and other involved parties to find a solution to the preservation challenge in a positive and cooperative manner. 

What is the Program’s History?

Since 1993, Preservation Massachusetts has endeavored annually to identify and aid in the preservation of endangered historic resources from across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Local groups or individuals who are deeply concerned about the potential loss of significant resources nominate sites from across the state. The list is one of the first steps in focusing statewide attention on the condition of these historic resources and their importance to communities, and often serves as a catalyst for extensive preservation opportunities. 

 What are the Criteria for selection?

  • Historical Significance
  • Threat of Loss
  • Community Commitment
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Variety of Type

What Happens when a resource is selected for Listing?

What you get: You will receive a Most Endangered Certificate and a letter from the President of Preservation Massachusetts as an expression of PM’s statewide stamp of approval for serious significance and threat. Statewide attention through press releases, internet presence, features in PM’s newsletter, and social media to generate energy and attention for the preservation of your resource. You will also receive a Most Endangered campaign poster, which you may use to promote your resource. Your resource will be featured at PM’s annual “Believe in Preservation” Fall Event, a wonderful networking opportunity, announcement as part of the 2016 List. PM will also extend a discounted ticket for the 2017 Massachusetts Historic Preservation Conference in 2017.